SPROLINK NeoLIVE R2 Portable Video Switcher with Built-in Display

SPROLINK NeoLIVE R2 Portable Video Switcher with Built-in Display

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Product Highlights

● Built in 5.5”LCD monitor, can preview all the input and output
● With USB3.0 port present a wonderful live streaming
● Support PTZ camera control
● Support media store, can download still picture
● Support any PIP, bring vivid live streaming
● HDMI output support PGM / PST / PVW
● Support T-BAR Transition switching
● Support Movie-level Chroma Key function
● Support mix audio output
● Support up to 4 x HDMI input, realize multi cameras switching
● With earphone port, realize audio monitor for any audio input and output



NeoLIVE R2 is a dedicated and professional mixer and signal switcher, which is the first in the world that built-in 5.5-inch LCD monitor for 10 windows & multi-view. With USB 3.0 port, it is able to stream any 4 camera signals to any live streaming flatform via SPROLINK NeoLIVE software or the third-party software like OBS and realize 1080P display without any signal lossless.

What’s more, through NeoLIVE R2 unique STILL|CTL port, users can add and edit picture, and connect with PC to present PPT or live Gaming interface during the live streaming. NeoLIVE R2 also support PIP function and can meet most live streaming applications with the broadcast level functionality.



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