Simpex Portrait Umbrella Setup Kit with Stand Halogen Flash

Simpex Portrait Umbrella Setup Kit with Stand Halogen Flash

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Product Highlights

2 Pcs. 9 Ft. PL Stand with Carry Bag
2 Pcs. White Umbrella
2 Pcs. Heavy Duty Power Cord 5 Mtrs
2 Pcs. Portrait Light with Carry Bag



Use With 1000-Watt Tube, can be mounted directly onto the light stand.
Direct umbrella mounting.
High grade metal construction makes it sturdy & durable.
It can be used for videography as well as Photography

Simpex B-4 1000w professional halogen video light FREE 1000 watt Simpex Lamp/tube
The halogen light is the most prevalent light source used in video production.
This type of bulb burns hot and bright and comes in high wattages.
This lamp provides an intense, steady, white light for indoor shooting. The halogen lamp also has a long burn life, which makes it economical.
The disadvantages of the halogen lamp are its intense heat and high power consumption. When using a light with a halogen lamp, you have to build in time for the light to cool down before you put it away.

Brand Simpex
Model Name Portrait (Porta) Lite Kit with PL Stand
Color Black
Type Halogen Flash
Suitable For Camera
Type Halogen Flash
Power Source Direct Power from Electricity Board


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