Camelion AA 2700mAh {Orginal} Battery

Camelion AA 2700mAh {Orginal} Battery

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Product Highlights

  • Brand Name:Camelion
  • Nominal Capacity:2700 mAh
  • Set Type:Batteries Only
  • Bundle:Bundle 1
  • Type:NI-MH
  • Battery Number:2 PCS
  • Model Number:AA 2700mAh 4pcs
  • Size:AA
  • Rated Voltage:1.2V
  • Color:White

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Camelion Always Ready AA batteries

With the Always Ready the problem is done with self-discharged battery pack. The efficient batteries have a minimal self-discharge which still has a capacity of 85% after 1 year of storage. So the battery over a long period is always having to be loaded ready for use without first. This increases the lifetime and efficiency of the batteries. The batteries are pre-charged so that they are ready to use. Up to 1000 charge cycles possible, so easy on the environment and your wallet.

Highlights & Details

  1. Minimal self-discharge
  2. Up to 1000 charge and discharge cycles
  3. High performance and efficiency
  4. After 1 year of storage for about 85% of the original capacity up to 1,000 charge and discharge cycles
  5. Comes preloaded
  6. High performance and efficiency available

Major Applications

Telecommunications, Transceivers, Cordless Phones, Gauges, Calculators, Electric Toys, Searchlight, Electric Razors and Portable Electronic Devices


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